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NantHealth Blog Digest: June 8th, 2021

Welcome back to the NantHealth Blog Digest, eighth edition—thank you for subscribing. For those of you who are new—welcome! We've been busy writing new blog posts—check them out below.

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Thought Leadership | 3 minute read | Mark Mozley, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing
The Interoperability Opportunity in the Care Continuum
True story, I used to love the fax machine at work; I LOVED IT. I was straight out of University in a sales role, and the fax machine going off was always a sign a contract was coming in. My desk was close to the fax machine, and whether the fax was mine, or a colleague’s, it was always a special moment.
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Thought Leadership, Artificial Intelligence | 5 minute read | Matheen Siddiqui, Senior Principal Research Scientist & Cristina Simas, Communications Professional, NantHealth
Data-Driven AI in Healthcare
Technology’s impact on healthcare was felt widely during the pandemic. We witnessed years of acceleration take flight in what felt like months. The pandemic exposed gaps and opportunities for the use of real-world data and evidence as the world collectively worked to save lives and manage a raging virus.
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Thought Leadership, Q&A | 4 minute read | Dr. William Flood, Chief Medical Officer, Eviti, NantHealth
The Rise of Autoimmune Diseases: How Payers and Providers Can Realize the Quickest, Most Effective Path to Care
We are excited about the recent launch of Eviti Connect® for autoimmune diseases, aimed at helping payers and providers realize the quickest path to approving cost-effective, quality care for patients.
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Thought Leadership, UX | 5 minute read | Charles Hunt, VP of User Experience & Brian Price, Manager, Visual Design
How Visual Design Can Revolutionize Health Tech
When you look at the image below, what do you see? Most people see two triangles – one pointing down and the other pointing up. The real secret here is that the two triangles don’t exist.
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Thought Leadership, Technology | 3 minute read | Tarus Balog, COO, The OpenNMS Group, Inc.
OpenNMS: Open Source in Healthcare
I think one of the main things people are curious about concerning the NantHealth acquisition of OpenNMS is “why would a health care services company buy an open-source network monitoring company?”
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