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NantHealth Blog Digest: December 7th, 2022

Welcome back to the NantHealth Blog Digest, fifteenth edition. Since we last talked in July, we’ve been busy writing about important topics facing our industry. Check them out below and click through to read the entire articles.

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LinkedIn Survey | 2 minute read | NantHeath, Inc.
Top Concerns in Healthcare Rolling into 2023
What are the biggest concerns in healthcare going into 2023? No surprises coming out of our recent LinkedIn survey – it’s rising costs, followed in short order by staffing shortages!
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Hospitals and Health Systems | 2 min read | Hospitals and Health Systems
Streamlining Your Prior Authorization Process
We know handling prior authorizations can be a hassle, so we’ve done the hard work and laid out the steps for you. Our latest blog series explains how streamlining your prior authorization process can have a positive impact on your health plan.
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Hospitals and Health Systems | 3 minute read | Gene Pinder, Marketing Manager
New “Gold Carding” Legislation Exempts Physicians from Prior Authorizations for Certain Services
Texas legislators and those in other states have pulled a page out of the American Express playbook where a gold card has its “privileges” and have applied it to prior authorizations.
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The Prior Authorization Playbook

Download this guide, where we set out to help your organization simplify the prior authorization process without requiring dramatic changes to provider behavior and payer workflow processes.

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Thought Leadership, Prior Authorizations | 3 minute read | Lisa Hebert, Senior Director of Product Management and Gene Pinder, Marketing Manager
Electronic Prior Authorization Bill for Seniors Could Become Law
Could a bill passed in the House and now in the Senate improve the efficiency and transparency of prior authorization in Medicare Advantage plans by establishing an electronic prior authorization program?
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Hospitals & Health Systems | 4 minute read | NantHealth, Inc.
Emerging Technologies and Their Impacts on Patient-Centric Care
With many new emerging technologies in healthcare, we look at how these technologies impact patient-centric care.
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