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NantHealth Blog Digest: 4th Edition

Welcome back to the NantHealth Blog Digest, fourth edition—thank you for subscribing. For those of you who are new—welcome! Here you'll be the first to receive the latest industry insights and thought leadership perspectives from our expert team. We hope you enjoy this up-to-date content digest.

AI in healthcare: What to value in the age of value-based care
Thought Leadership | 5 minute read | Christopher Szeto, Ph.D., Director of Machine Learning
AI in healthcare: What to value in the age of value-based care
In the previous entry in this blog series, we discussed healthcare datasets, their limitations, and how that impacts the practice of machine learning. For this entry, let’s assume we have access to comprehensive healthcare data and the technical capability to build AI-based solutions. How should we measure the value that AI brings?
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Thought Leadership | 3 minute read | Jacqueline Wilson, Account Executive
What I Wish I Knew Before: A Healthcare Perspective
Before joining NantHealth, I was a Certified Medical Assistant. I worked at two family practices in Philadelphia, where I assisted providers in multiple specialties and cared for all patient populations. In the clinical setting, I helped sick patients, patients who knew my name, and whose smiles reminded me why I chose healthcare as a career.
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Thought Leadership | 4 minute read | James Talcott, Medical Director, Oncology
COVID-19 and Cancer Care
The COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly and fundamentally changed our lives, with specific, evolving impacts on healthcare. Our initial responses were reactive and uninformed. As we are coming to understand the virus better, we are better understanding specific effects on health care, changes over time, and potential strategies to address them.
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Community | 3 minute read | Elizabeth Diefendorf, Director of Training
Employee Engagement at NantHealth
Employee engagement is a key factor in employee satisfaction and corporate growth. I am Elizabeth Diefendorf, Director of Training at NantHealth, and I lead the company’s Employee Engagement Committee.
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Thought Leadership | 2 minute read | Dr. William Flood and Raymond Wright
A Look Ahead: The Pandemic’s Impact on Payers
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many existing cracks in our healthcare system and taken a tremendous toll on the entire economy. So far, unemployment has been one of the biggest economic consequences: the unemployment rate in the U.S. is twice as high now as it was during the 2008 recession.
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Products | 3 minute read | NantHealth Inc.
Verification of Benefits in Healthcare: NantHealth
As healthcare evolves, payers and providers need new and improved tools for sharing information in a faster, easier, and more accurate and secure manner. This is especially important when it comes to the medical billing process.
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