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NantHealth Blog Digest: August 19th, 2021

Welcome back to the NantHealth Blog Digest, ninth edition—thank you for subscribing. For those of you who are new—welcome! We've had a busy summer writing new blog posts—check them out below and click through to read the entire articles.

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Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Teal, and Blue Cancer Ribbons on blue background with stethoscope surrounding them
Thought Leadership | 4 minute read | Raymond Wright, Regional Vice President, Global Sales
Big Body, Little Cells: A cancer defense struggle
Prostate cancer killed my dad. Liver cancer killed his father. My mom is fighting multiple myeloma. Her mother battled breast cancer. The American Cancer Society reports the risk of a man developing cancer in his lifetime is 1 in 2. A coin toss. The risk for a woman is 1 in 3. The Shell Game.
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Thought Leadership, AI and Technology | 5 minute read | Zack Sanborn, VP, Research and Data Science & Cristina Simas, Senior Communications Professional, NantHealth
Using Predictive Analytics to Impact Healthcare: How AI Can Help
Data increasingly drives innovation. As technology advances and changes human behaviors, industries collect more and more data. The value of that data comes once we are able to extract it to gain actionable, meaningful insights.
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Community | 5 minute read | Cristina Simas, Senior Communications Professional, NantHealth
Our Community: Mental Health Awareness and Breaking the Stigma
Mental Health Awareness campaigns take place globally each May to raise awareness, educate the public, and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. This year felt especially important as we collectively navigate through a post-pandemic health check.
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Products, OpenNMS | 3 minute read | Bonnie Robinson, Lead Communications Professional, The OpenNMS Group
OpenNMS: Monitoring your Network’s Heartbeat
Complex IT networks and their services surround us and are an essential part of everyday life. Laptops, mobile phones, email, printers, payment systems, smart appliances, hospital monitors, and more connect us locally and internationally. No one can afford to have any part of their network slow down or stop working.
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Products, Eviti Connect | 2 minute read | Traci Boehringer, Director of Product Marketing, Eviti
Celebrating 10 Years of Eviti Connect
For over ten years, Eviti Connect has empowered oncology practices and health plans to prescribe and reimburse high-quality, high-value patient care.
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