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NantHealth Blog Digest: March 22nd, 2021

Welcome back to the NantHealth Blog Digest, seventh edition—thank you for subscribing. For those of you who are new—welcome! Here you'll be the first to receive the latest industry insights and thought leadership perspectives from our expert team. We hope you enjoy this up-to-date content digest.

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Thought Leadership | 5 minute read | Brent Wiese, Lead Systems Security Engineer
Quantum Computing and Encryption Security in Healthcare
It sounds like science fiction: quantum computing – immense computing power allowing multiple concurrent computing functions and math computations at speeds previously unimaginable. But it is increasingly becoming a reality.
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Thought Leadership | 6 minute read | Dr. Tiffany Avery, Medical Director, Oncology
Healthcare Inequities: A Call to Action
As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the U.S., a pattern began to emerge in real-time. Mortality rates from COVID-19 were higher among Hispanic, Indigenous, and Black patients. The mortality rate of Black patients was the highest and more than double that of White patients. Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon in U.S. healthcare
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Thought Leadership | 2 minute read | Dennis Zanetti, Principal Product Manager, NantHealth
How Healthcare APIs Automate and Elevate Payer Workflows
Automation. Interoperability. APIs. These are buzzwords you may be hearing in the healthcare industry with promises of cost savings and workflow efficiency. But what do they mean, and how do you achieve the promised benefits?
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The Patient Journey Through Eviti

Have you ever wondered what the patient journey is like when making oncology treatment decisions with their provider and health insurance plan? Watch this video to see the patient journey through Eviti to learn how providers and payers use the platform to put patients first.

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Video & Community | 3 minute read | Cristina Simas, Communications Professional
ELT: Our Core Values—Shot on iPhone Campaign
Our NantHealth core values are homegrown, developed by representatives across our business with feedback from our entire population. These values have become part of our DNA.
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Thought Leadership | 4 minute read | James Talcott, Medical Director, Oncology
Patient-Centered Cancer Care Amid a Bounty of New Treatments: Defining Quality for the Future
Oncology has a lot on its plate. As cancer care is welcoming a bounty of new treatments, it is absorbing important lessons about improving care delivery. We are increasingly aware of the need to center care on the patient, and as we take advantage of new options and tools, it is critical that the technical not displace the personal.
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Products | 3 minute read | NantHealth Inc.
Emerging Technologies and Their Impacts on Patient-Centric Care
With many new emerging technologies in healthcare, we look at how these technologies impact patient-centric care. Learn more from NantHealth today.
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