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NantHealth Blog Digest: 3rd Edition

Welcome back to the NantHealth Blog Digest, third edition—thank you for subscribing. For those of you who are new—welcome! Here you'll be the first to receive the latest industry insights and thought leadership perspectives from our expert team. We hope you enjoy this up-to-date content digest.

3 Ways Healthcare Payers and Providers Are Adjusting to the New Normal Post-COVID-19
Thought Leadership | 4 minute read | Mark Mozley, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing & Christina Perkins, Vice President, Program Management, Product Development
3 Ways Healthcare Payers and Providers Are Adjusting to the New Normal Post-COVID-19
Over the last few months, COVID-19-related events have been a stress test for our entire healthcare ecosystem. And they continue to be. If this were an exam, we would score a "D" at best. Don’t get me wrong; this overall grade is no reflection on the contributions of individuals such as our doctors and nurses on the frontline, rather that we as an industry and society must embrace and, more importantly, act on these learning opportunities.
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Thought Leadership | 5 minute read | Christopher Szeto, Ph.D., Director of Machine Learning, NantHealth
Introduction to Machine Learning in Healthcare
Since its inception, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from science fiction movie inspiration to real-life, real-world technology. Over the last decade, popular examples of AI have rapidly transitioned from entertaining examples, like computers beating human experts at Jeopardy, to recent horror stories concerning using facial recognition to reveal unsuspecting people's contact information.
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Thought Leadership | 3 minute read | Raymond Wright, Regional Vice President, Global Sales
Good Lessons: HealthCare’s Need for Collective Data Solving
Uptown from the rubble of Ground Zero in the winter of 2002, I sorted socks, boots, and flashlight batteries in a makeshift warehouse of donated supplies as part of a company-sponsored volunteer activity. Men and women covered in dust and soot impatiently visited to restock throughout the day, eager to return to the awful work that needed to be done. For the victims. For their city.
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NaviNet Webinar: The Prior Authorization Edge—How Payers and Providers Can Achieve Workflow Efficiencies, Increase Collaboration, and Deliver Significant Savings through the Prior Authorization Process


Eviti Webinar: A Look Ahead—The Pandemic's Impact on Payers


Community | 5 minute read | René Torres, Director of HR Operations
Employee Spotlight: René Torres
René Torres began his "Nant journey" in 2013 as part of our parent organization’s Human Resource team. Currently, René serves as NantHealth’s Director of HR Operations, where he focuses on designing and delivering exceptional processes and services to meet the day-to-day requirements of our workforce.
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Thought Leadership | 6 minute read | Charles Hunt, Vice President, User Experience & Andreas Adamec, Director, User Experience, Product Strategy
User-Centered Design: Understanding the User for Product Success
At one time or another, all of us have felt lost trying to find a piece of information on a webpage or locating a tool in a work application. Perhaps you’ve been frustrated trying to reset a password for a patient portal that you haven’t visited in a while.
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