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Welcome to the June 2023 NantHealth Blog Digest

As summer approaches, we've been busy writing new blog posts with valuable insights to transform healthcare. Check out some of the latest articles we've written since our last send.

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Thought Leadership | Artificial intelligence | 4 minute read | Gene Pinder, Marketing Manager
How Generative AI and ChatGPT Could Change the Game for Healthcare Payers
Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the healthcare industry in unprecedented ways, including how payers manage and deliver care to their patients. One of the most promising forms of AI is Generative AI, which involves the creation of new and unique data using machine learning algorithms and has the potential to help payers optimize their operations, improve the quality of care, and reduce costs.
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Value-based Healthcare | 8 min read time | NantHealth, Inc.
The Ultimate Guide to Value-based Healthcare
As healthcare models continue to be reimagined, now is the time for payers and providers to work together and identify the right opportunities to roll out value-based solutions.
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Thought Leadership | 4 minute read time | Gene Pinder, Marketing Manager
The Evolution of Value-based Care: A Shift to Patient-centric Care
The idea of value-based care has been around since the late 1960s, when the AAP first introduced the idea. Since then, the concept – in which providers are compensated for outcomes and quality of service instead of service alone – has become an essential component of healthcare today.
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Eviti Connect for Oncology: Health Plans Navigate Unsustainable Cancer Costs and Ever-Evolving Therapies

Learn how payers can reduce and manage the costs of cancer while driving positive outcomes for their members, their provider network, and their business processes to ultimately enable the highest standard of evidence-based care.

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Legislation | 2 minute read time | Gene Pinder, Marketing Manager
More State Legislators Mandating Insurers Pay for Biomarker Testing
Momentum is building for more state legislators to have health insurance companies pay for biomarker testing for patients with cancer. Kentucky recently became the latest state to pass legislation mandating payment, and Texas is considering two bills that would require biomarker testing coverage, including government-based plans such as Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
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Healthcare Payer Organization | 7 minute read time | NantHealth
Radiation Therapy: Where Are We Now and What’s to Come?
Radiation therapy is one of several treatment types for cancer in both curative and palliative settings. It is used in more than 30% of patients (in addition to other treatments and modalities), and more than half of cancer patients will receive radiation as part of their care. In other words, it’s a critical part of cancer treatment in the US, and many patients benefit from it.
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