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Welcome to the NantHealth Blog Digest

As summer comes to an end, we've been busy writing new blog posts with valuable insights to transform healthcare. Check out some of the latest articles we've written since our last send.

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Clarice Holmes, RN, Senior Director of Clinical Knowledge Management at NantHealth
Clinical Technology | 3 minute read | Clarice Holmes, RN, Sr Director of Clinical Knowledge Management
How implementing advanced health care technology solutions benefits providers and payers
In today’s dynamic health care environment, meeting administrative and diagnostic challenges requires collaboration among a diverse team that merges clinical expertise and technical proficiency. This multidisciplinary approach enables the development of health care technology solutions that benefit all stakeholders, including payers, providers, and patients.
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Health Payer | 5 min read time | Gene Pinder, Marketing Manager
Payers Take a Hit from Lower Medicare Advantage Star Ratings
Now that the CMS has lowered the boom on payers by dropping the star ratings used to evaluate Medicare Advantage plans, health insurance administrators are scrambling to rebuild their ratings while still trying to find ways to cut costs.
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Thought Leadership | 3 minute read time | Gene Pinder, Marketing Manager
Five Recession-proof Strategies for Payers
Economists can’t agree if the U.S. is headed for a “soft landing” recession, a hard landing, or no recession at all. Regardless of the prognosis or the outcome, the debate can prompt health plans to re-evaluate their business operations and determine if they need to make them recession-proof.
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Top 5 Oncology Challenges for Payers: How Payers are Tackling the High Cost of Oncology Care

This white paper highlights 5 critical challenges payers face as they attempt to enable the best outcomes for their members, provider networks, and bottom line. Download now to learn more.

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Health Equity | 4 minute read time | Dr. Minh Huynh, Medical Director
Health Equity Gets Boost from Biosimilars and Evidence-Based Treatment
Eliminating healthcare inequities requires addressing the underlying social and economic factors that contribute to these disparities and ensuring that all individuals have equal access to high-quality healthcare services, regardless of their background or circumstances.
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Legislation | 3 minute read time | Gene Pinder, Marketing Manager
From Buy-and-Bill to White Bagging: The Evolution of Oncology Drug Procurement
With the median cost of new oncology drugs over $260,000, it’s no wonder payers continue to look for opportunities to trim expenses. Two cost-cutting approaches that have attracted attention from payers, providers, and legislators are “white bagging” and “brown bagging.”
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Practices and Medical Groups | 10 minute read time | Susan Familant, RN, MSN, AOCNP, ANCC-BC, Manager Clinical Operations and Mary Jo Labar, RN, BSN, OCN, Lead Clinical Operations Nurse
Understanding Oncologic Emergencies: The Ten Most Widely Recognized Types
According to the American Cancer Society, more than 18 million people in the U.S. have cancer, and many of them will experience oncologic emergencies from their cancer or cancer treatments.
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